Elon Musk calls the world’s richest man a copycat

Elon Musk calls the world’s richest man a copycatElon Musk calls the world’s richest man a copycatThe CEO of Tesla made this claim after Amazon’s plans to launch 3,000 internet satellites were revealedTIMESOFINDIA.COM | Updated: Apr 11, 2019, 08:10AM IST
Elon Musk calls the world's richest man a copycat

NEW DELHI: Last week it was reported that Amazon is planning to launch more than 3,000 internet satellites in the orbit. The report drew a strong – and unusual – reaction from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Replying to a tweet posted by MIT Technology Review, the billionaire CEO called Amazon CEO – also the world’s richest man – Jeff Bezos a “copycat”.

Musk is calling Bezos a copycat as his other company SpaceX had announced similar plans back in February. Musk didn’t elaborate in his tweet about anything and interestingly just wrote copy and used the cat emoji. Neither Amazon nor Bezos have so far made any comment or tweet in response to Musk’s claim of being a copycat.

Amazon’s plan to launch internet satellites is called Project Kuiper and the company said that is a long-term project that will “serve tens of millions of people who lack basic access to broadband internet.”

Musk and SpaceX had announced to do the same in February. SpaceX’s project is called Starlink and the satellites were launch aboard its Falcon 9 rocket. While neither Musk nor SpaceX have confirmed the number of satellites they will launch, a filing with FCC had revealed that the number could be over 4,400. The FCC filing had also revealed that the first 800 satellites launched by SpaceX would be enough to provide “initial US and international coverage for broadband services.”

Meanwhile, Musk has been told by a US court to solve his issues with the US SEC. The Tesla CEO and US SEC have been at loggerheads over certain tweets made by Musk. The SEC had taken objection to tweet made by Musk in February 2019 where he had revealed certain confidential information. Musk’s lawyers, in fact, had also argued that the SEC were trying to “trample” on the Tesla CEO’s freedom of speech.